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Toddler Program

Say HELLO to the 2 years + brigade. The Toddler program is all about getting to know the little superpowers that our kids possess. The little ones are in their full element, exploration is at the peak, so is the feeling of being free at times and remaining connected at the same time. It’s the new found energy and the desire to know and experience everything under the sun that defines the Toddler Recreational Program at JOY JUMPERZ.

The Toddler Program is a recreational, skills based, empowerment program for our little ones. Our core objective is to stimulate and energise the cognitive, physical, emotional, social and imaginative elements in our little ones. The learning environment supports exploration, collaboration, innovation, imagination and application.

Based on the premise of Multiple Intelligences the Toddler Program explores areas of languages, nature, music, dance, yoga, physical play, stories, art n creativity, communication, self-confidence and imagination. Under the care of an expert educator the Toddler Recreation Program ensures 360 * development and a meaningful engagement.

Toddler Program is one of the most exciting programs at JOY JUMPERZ.

Age Group: 2 years +
Batch Size: 20 Toddlers
Duration: 2 hours



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