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Our Curriculum

BRING OUT THE BEST - Joy Jumperz Pre School offers a path breaking education model that simplifies the concepts of learning, works on the fundamental principles of application and empowers every child to become confident, independent and a happy learner.

At Joy Jumperz Pre School, we give children a stress free environment where they enjoy their day indulging in language art, explore numeracy, experience nature, practice yoga, and enjoy their time through structured and unstructured play. Group learning, knowing the world around us, observation and innovation form the backbone of learning at Joy Jumperz Pre School.

At JOY JUMPERZ, we believe in developing relevant 21st century skills like communication, critical thinking, problem solving, innovation, multilingual, handling technology amongst our little ones through focused learning and interactive modules.

Learning programs at JOY JUMPERZ are mind crafted to suit the needs to the children. It provides ample opportunities to the little ones to express, experience and explore the curriculum and the learning environment. The curriculum is an eclectic mix of Multiple Intelligence, Reggio Emilia and Montessori approaches to early childhood learning.

Our premise of learning is that young children learn from everything around them. They do not separate their learning into curriculum areas. It is important that as educators we define theses areas of learning and use them as a framework to meet the needs of individual children and offer them the opportunities to achieve their full potential.

1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Includes the ability to function as a member of a group and to form relationships, valuing oneself and others and developing a sense of responsibility and independence.

2. Language and literacy: Includes developing the skill of listening, reading, speaking and writing. It develops the skill to communicate confidently.

3. Numeracy & Mathematics: Includes the skill of applying mathematical knowledge to solve problems in practical and meaningful situations. It develops the attitude of asking questions, predicting and investigating.

4. Knowledge and Understating of the world: focuses on finding out about and making sense of the world in which we live. It supports the skill of observing, predicting, exploring and interpreting, being curious and developing an inquiring attitude.

5. Physical Development: includes developing gross motor and fine manipulative skills, control, coordination and spatial awareness. It involves developing positive attitudes towards a healthy and active life.

6. Creative Development: Is concerned with the use of imagination and creative expression. Activities like art and craft, music and movement, theatre, role play, and dance.


  • Language Builder: A unique blend of Phonic and Language Program that makes me spell, make words and communicate proficiently.
  • Globe Trotter: My first exposure to a Foreign Language. I am on my way to become multilingual.
  • JOY TUNES: A Music & Movement program that I never want to miss.
  • PLAY 24 by 7: A unique physical development program centered on structured and unstructured play.
  • AI: My first learning ROBO in my preschool. My first initiation to technology of future.
  • Nature Scape: My interaction with butterflies, flowers, kitchen gardens. My first step towards becoming a nature enthusiast.
  • STEM Learning: I apply what I Learn. My first initiation to Science – Technology- Engineering – Mathematics.



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