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Nursery Program

YAHOO! We finally begin our Kindergarten journey with the 3 years + Kiddos. Oriented in the toddler program these little inquisitive minds are ready to follow instructions and set their routines, engage with each other and the environment with a relatively higher intensity. Learning begins to take shape in the Nursery Program at JOY JUMPERZ.

The Nursery Program focuses on the core learning areas of language literacy, numeracy, environmental science, creativity, physical development, personality and life skills. The focus is to engage children in meaningful conversations and build up their functional language, communication skills, concept identification and ability to relate.

Also their formal initiation to Music & Movement, PE Program, Artificial Intelligence, Interactive Learning, Library, STEM (SCIENCE: Technology: Engineering: Mathematics), HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) begins during the course of Nursery Program. The BIG IDEA is to foster a sense of inquiry, reasoning, and collaboration. Our educators begin to form individual insights into the learning and the behaviour patterns of the children and sketch an individualised learning plan for each child.

The Nursery Program becomes the first step to a happy and fun based learning at JOY JUMPERZ.

Age Group: 3 years +
Batch Size: 20 Kiddos
Duration: 3 hours



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