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Our Philosophy

Joyjumperz Pre School is based on the unique BRING OUT THE BEST education model. Developed on the framework of Multiple Intelligences Theory by Howard Gardner, the kindergarten learning program offers a unique blend of traditional, scientific and progressive learning methodologies and techniques. With Application Based Learning at the core of the learning program, Joy Jumperz Pre School ensures that all the nine intelligences of the child are activated and optimized.

We believe that educating toddlers is a scientific process blended with love, care and commitment. With a sound understanding of neurosciences that forms the base of learning at Joy Jumperz Pre School, it is imperative that every child coming to the kindergarten will not only reach to his/her potential academically but will also excel in kinesthetic, emotional, inter and intra personal and spiritual domains of development. With a vision of making children enjoy the process of learning, experience in real sense the magic of stress free education and explore the wonders of innovation and childhood, Joy Jumperz Pre School is committed to make every child independent, confident and curious at an early age.



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