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Junior Kindergarten Program

YIPEE! We are 4 years + and rearing to go!

“WHY” is the new frequently used word in our little ones conversation at Junior Kindergarten Program and we as educators feel happy about it. The little ones begin to reason and challenge the obvious through questions. They are now competent enough to fine tune their skills needed to prosper academically, socially and emotionally. They master the skill of reading and writing readiness through various sensorial activities, developing proper pencil grip to master letter and number writing, following instructions to work in groups or individually. Technology becomes a new friend for learning and application.

The learning areas are strongly emphasized through writing, formation of words, mathematical concepts, understanding the world around them through elaborate thematic units. As educators we make learning more hands on and active through project based activities, field trips and experiential learning modules. Abilities to accept change, apply knowledge and relate are explored at a higher level at Junior Kindergarten.

Junior kindergarten actually makes learning fun for our little ones.

Age Group: 4 years +
Batch Size: 20 Kiddos
Duration: 3 hours



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