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Senior Kindergarten Program

HORRAY! The final frontier for the Kindergarten Program at JOY JUMPERZ for 5 years + kiddos.

The eventual aim of the Kindergarten Program at JOY JUMPERZ is to make children independent and curious learners. The Sr. Kindergarten Program lays the foundation for the Primary Years program. Our little ones learn to hone their communication and critical thinking skills. Initiation to Foreign Language begins at this stage and children are on their path to explore other languages. All the six learning areas are strongly emphasized in the senior program. The children are well versed with phonics to form words and sentences and eager to write down their thoughts. They enjoy reading books and are confident in communicating their understanding to the class. The mathematical concepts are clear and already into solving simple to complex math problems. Their fine motor skills and understanding of forming shapes helps them to express their learning through drawing supporting with independent writing. Creativity becomes more vivid as they manipulate the art materials and present their own creations.

Sr. kindergarten program lays special emphasis on Finishing school program and transition from Pre School to Primary School thus ensuring that the little ones enjoy their journey to the BIG SCHOOL.

Age Group: 5 years +
Batch Size: 20 Kiddos
Duration: 3 hours



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