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At Joy Jumperz, we consider that preschool learning cannot be a mundane or an overtly serious affair. We believe in making every learning transaction joyous and happy for our little ones thus ensuring that learning actually happens and remains relevant. Joy Jumperz relies heavily on experiential model of learning. We believe that children if given a chance to explore in the right environment can do wonders and showcase traits of self-learning and can exercise their independence.

At JOY JUMPERZ, we offer age appropriate, progressive learning and developmental programs that are not only relevant with today’s times but also build a perspective for the future. Every program is unique and focuses on developing and honing various skills and abilities of our children.


Parent Toddler Program

BABY n ME is a unique recreational and an emotional bonding platform for both mommy/ daddy and the baby. The program invites babies in the age group of 8 months to 18 months along with their mommies/daddies to spend quality time along with other baby friends and their parents under the guidance of an expert BABY N ME Program Instructor.

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Toddler Program

Say HELLO to the 2 years + brigade. The Toddler program is all about getting to know the little super powers that our kids possess. The little ones are in their full element, exploration is at the peak, so is the feeling of being free at times and remaining connected at the same time. It’s the new found energy and the desire to know and experience everything under the sun that defines the Toddler Recreational Program at JOY JUMPERZ.

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Nursery Program

YAHOO! We finally begin our Kindergarten journey with the 3 years + Kiddos. Oriented in the toddler program these little inquisitive minds are ready to follow instructions and set their routines, engage with each other and the environment with a relatively higher intensity. Learning begins to take shape in the Nursery Program at JOY JUMPERZ.

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Junior Kindergarten Program

YIPEE! We are 4 years + and rearing to go!
“WHY” is the new frequently used word in our little ones conversation at Junior Kindergarten Program and we as educators feel happy about it. The little ones begin to reason and challenge the obvious through questions. They are now competent enough to fine tune their skills needed to prosper academically, socially and emotionally.

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Senior Kindergarten Program

HORRAY! The final frontier for the Kindergarten Program at JOY JUMPERZ for 5 years + kiddos. The eventual aim of the Kindergarten Program at JOY JUMPERZ is to make children independent and curious learners. The Sr. Kindergarten Program lays the foundation for the Primary Years program.

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Day-Care Program

Day Care program is a natural extension of the core learning program at JOY JUMPERZ. A perfect solution for working parents the Day Care program offers safe, hygienic and supervised care to the children in the age group of 2 years to 10 years. A five day week program, Day Care ensures that childe remain engaged in a structured routines and focuses on life skills enhancement.

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After School Programs

After School Program at Joy Jumperz is all about fun, skill building and following ones interest. Children get to be a part of various after school activities ranging from creative art , STEM, robotics, storytelling, music, language building and much more. The idea is to ensure that children get maximum exposure and enjoy their time playing and participating in After School Program.

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