Which book to choose ???? (age 2 to 4)
Are you confused with which book to choose for your child?

To be a parent is the most challenging job as there is no right and wrong, every parent has their own philosophy and method of parenting.

As a parent we hear and learn new things every day and from those many things one most common and important thing is to develop reading habit in our little ones. The question comes, which book to choose, so here is the answer to your question.

While choosing the book for the little ones following things should be considered

  • Choose the book with bold and colourful pictures
  • With less and big text
  • Look for rhyming text
  • The book with sensorial (touch & feel and peek a boo images)
  • Board books with round edges or soft cloth books

I hope this would help you in choosing the age appropriate book for you child.

Happy Reading

Which book to choose ???? (age 5 and above)

Are you confused with which book to choose for your child?

Have your ever experienced that when you go to buy books for your child and you have made the selection based on either the pictures, colours or the title and later you have realized that either the book is too simple or difficult for your little one. It is important to choose the age appropriate book for fostering the reading habit in the child at an early age.

Follow these 3 steps and you will be able to choose the right book for your child

  • Choose a book you want for your
  • Open any page and encourage the child to read
  • If he/she finds difficulty in reading more than 5 words on a page then the book is difficult for the child, look for another book.

I hope this would help you in choosing an age appropriate book for your child.

Happy Reading

Child tantrums….. What do I do?

My child knows very well how to get his work done from me, he has one Ram shastra 'crying' whenever he wants anything, and it seems little difficult for him to get he will shoot the Ram shastra and get the work done. Am I the only one facing it or even you have also experienced the same? I am sure every parent would have gone through this phase where the child, cries or stamps feet or rolls on the floor to get the work done, have you ever thought from where they have learnt this behaviour as I am sure none of you would be doing this before the child. Remember, the promises you made to yourselves when you come to know that you were going to be a parent ' Hum apne bachhe ko duniya ki sari Khushi denge, uski aankho mein kabhi aasu nahi aane denge and all, well there is nothing wrong in that but how does it encourage the children in getting their work done is what I would like you to analyse Remember the first time when the child cried for something and he instantly got that, may be second time was no different and so was third time, by now the child has understood that to get anything crying is important, and this becomes a regular practice. Here to blame the child would not be appropriate as you have given this indirect message to the child. So next time when you see emotional atyachar happening, be strong and tell the child that crying won’t get you anything, you are getting it because----- or you will not get it, even if you cry for it because…. I wish this helps if you are parents to be and if your child has got in the practice of crying for things then I would say it’s a phase it will pass away 😊



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